The SS15 Collection

22 February 2015


RABEANCO SS 2015 Handbag Collection of “Dreaming Aurora” is inspired by a deep-down dream in a girl’s mind: a traveller wanders around in the fast-paced metropolitan city, yet she can still enjoy a great time with her five senses. Drifting on the city horizon, she releases her unlimited imagination, as if chasing for the aurora of hope and embracing the beautiful future.




This season, the series features a variety of brand new leather materials, giving a fresh look for those who love the charm of genuine leather. Lightweight, soft and silky, the cow leather is rich in texture, radiating a modern and gorgeous shine. Embossed leather, with two different colours on both sides, shows a dichotomy of characters, as if telling two interesting stories in parallel. Embossed deer leather is scratch resistant with a luxurious finishing. Vegetable tanned leather retains the unique innate imprint of genuine leather, allowing users to enjoy the charisma and character of natural leather every day.




The handbag design is deceptively simple and streamlined, which is suitable to wear in different styles, anytime and anywhere. In addition, the semi structured construction allows flexibility and freedom of storage. The use of drawstring closure with the seamless pleats, completes a clean and smooth silhouette, revealing a unique sense of personality and modernism.




The colour palette this season is filled with the freshness of spring and summer breezes, such as tones of the forest, pastel and aquamarine, etc. With different tones and shades, the earthy colours show a balance of subtleness with accents in warm colours like beetroot and whisky brown, which are suitable for the daily for office ladies. Brisk aquamarine, forest green and candy colours add a touch of dazzling effect for party dresses or travelling casual wear. In particular, mint green is truly a “rare” highlight, for light-coloured leather could only be dyed with superb skills of colouring control using flawless high-quality leather. This application truly reflects the superior craftsmanship of RABEANCO.

RABEANCO always pursues perfection in details. A number of hardware used in the SS15 handbags, such as the seamless leather straps, turnlocks etc, were developed and modified by the brand, which perfectly match the functions and silhouettes of these handbags. These details not only showcase the ultimate balance between aesthetics and technology, but also create new surprises for the consumers.




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