Interview with Soo Joo Park

07 March 2014

Interview with the world’s top model, Soo Joo Park, after the Fall Winter 2014 Campaign photo shoot in New York.


1. California, Korea or New York - where’s ‘home’?
Home is wherever I have a comfortable bed, my laptop and good wifi! I travel constantly, so home is a state of mind. Whenever I'm comfortable, I feel like I’m home.

2. What are some of the best things and the worst things about living in New York?
The best thing about living in New York is that I have a lot of friends here, everyone speaks English and there’s great public transportation. There's no worst thing about living in New York, it's New York!


3. What’s in your bag today?
I have my hair extensions, I just came back from Paris Fashion Week yesterday. I have my sunglasses, travel adapter charger and a granola bar. Everything!

4. What’s the item you most often wish was in your bag (but often forget)?
Makeup remover!


5. Pick one - crossbody bag, clutch or top handle bag.
I love crossbody, that’s midi size - not too big, not too small and with a long strap. You can always play around with it.

6. Off duty, are you a one-bag-for-all-occasions kind of girl, or do you like to mix it up?
I try to mix it up with accessories. But I do like to have one versatile bag that’s practical and good for everything.

7. We heard that you are good at making cocktails. Is there a Soo Joo‘s ‘special'?
One of my favourite cocktails, I call it penicillin. I basically mash up ginger with sugar then add some whiskey. Ice, stir, and drink up!


Interview after the FW15 shoot in Outpost Studios, Brooklyn, New York.